Communication in Restaurants

The most substantial change within restaurants recently is technology advancement, especially the use of mobile phones within this environment – a staggering 66%* of people admit to checking their phones whilst dining, yet 90%* of Brits say they find it rude when others use their phone during a meal.

This increase in phone usage within restaurant environments has reduced face-to-face conversations and overall has a negative effect on closeness, connection and conversation quality. It’s now time to ditch the phone, stop asking for the Wi-Fi password and to eat before your food gets cold (while you Instagram it!)

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to go out for dinner, it’s been known that social interaction within restaurants lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of obtaining dementia and provides longer life expectancies. Therefore the next time you visit a restaurant, consider leaving your phone in your pocket and be sure to enjoy good food, company and most importantly, great interior design!




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