Food & Drink Trends – Craft Beer

The craft beer industry has seen a phenomenal growth in recent years with independent craft brewers redefining the word ‘flavour’. Successful groups such as Brewhouse and Kitchen, Brew Dog and The Craft Beer Company have grown quickly and competition is building on the high street.

Today’s customer is curious and excited to try new and exclusive flavours. Henry Jeffreys @henrygjeffreys, a drinks writer based in London and author of Empire of Booze tells us that refreshing India Pale Ales often leads the way in the popularity stakes. The rise in the sector is proving far from a fad and the success of craft beer pubs has forced existing pubs to up their game and provide a good selection to please a variety of palates.

The current trend in rustic industrial inspired interiors is a perfect pairing for these outlets. Rustic timber for wall cladding and furniture, industrial lighting and raw materials such as metal mesh feature widely. Ceilings and walls are often stripped back to expose services, metal conduit and cable trays. Long chunky tables are great sociable spots to perch and to share the experience with both friends and potential new friends.

This seems to form a perfect atmosphere to enjoy craft beer. However, we feel that it is important to consider the comfort of customers and to appear inviting and welcoming. The age range of craft beer lovers is wide and can be overlooked in the design of interiors which may not appeal to all.

The boom in this industry seems to be continuing at a fantastic rate and we are looking forward to watch it evolve. Cheers!