The Clermont, Victoria, London

The Clermont, Victoria, London

The Clermont, Victoria, London

Meeting room & lobby refurbishment of a luxury grand hotel

The Clermont was first opened to the public in 1862 a year after Victoria station opened when steam train travel was seen as a decedent luxury for the discernible and wealthy upper classes. The historic ornate architectural details made the hotel one of the grandest of its time. Our design for the refurbishment of the lobby allows this heritage to take centre stage and the design of the new elements including the concierge, check-in desks and resting spaces fit perfectly within the original building’s lavish features.

The scale of the lobby is striking but it was important that the new design resulted in a relaxed timeless atmosphere for both business and leisure hotel guests. Lighting was key to our design in order to tailor the mood of the space. We incorporated both concealed lighting and feature lamps to the new concierge and check-in desks and upgraded existing light features.

Luxury textures

Bespoke furniture pieces designed to our specification and unique to this project was detailed to work with the scale of the space and textural fabrics echo the comfortable luxury that the Victorian traveller would have felt here in the 19th Century. Although our lobby design also incorporates several unique items, all elements combine together seamlessly with the existing architecture.

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms and event spaces named after deluxe trains from this golden era of train travel such as Pullman, Belle and Orient feature in our refurbishment. This nostalgia is remembered in some of the artwork featured in the spaces where we incorporate bespoke light features, specifically designed carpets and vintage style credenzas.