Food Trends – The Organic Revolution

Consumer’s consumption of organic foods continues to increase as we are becoming aware of the dangers of pesticides, genetically modified foods and the benefits of “going organic”. What was once seen as a ‘trend’, has developed into a lifestyle in recent years and the market is predicted to grow even bigger.

It’s a well known fact that organic foods have many health benefits including being higher in nutrients, minerals and vitamins and are free from chemicals and neurotoxins. Not only this, but they also taste better!

Gastropubs, farm shops and bistros selling delicious, locally sourced and fresh organic produce want to reflect this into the environment where they sell and serve. This has led to the design of the interiors in which they are served becoming organic and natural themselves; incorporating natural light is key and also allows greater views to the outside, natural and even up-cycled materials are used increasingly within interiors – railway sleepers and scaffolding boards are a “must” in many design concepts.

It is therefore not surprising the design of an alfresco space is vital to many operators. Customers want to be within nature and where interior space is tight, operators can transform an outside space to allow for more covers. Clever use of planting incorporated within seating and as screens, heating and lighting, wood fired ovens and fire pits and covered areas can help create a real destination for customers.