Looking to the new year

As 2018 approaches, we have rounded up our favourite design trends for the new year beyond

An energetic, lively design style has led the way over recent years, but 2018 will see that draw to a close, to be replaced by softer, eco-friendly, and comfortable design trends to create inviting and relaxed interiors with a much wider appeal.

Hard-edged industrial-inspired interiors have been the go-to in bar design for far too long. It can now be difficult to differentiate between the mass of bars and clubs with copycat interiors and a ubiquitous palette of materials including concrete, rustic timber cladding and exposed brick with mis-matched furniture.

2018 will bring a new palette of colours that are warmer and earthier, such as deep green and brown shades, with the introduction of white hues, greys, terracotta, and wine shades. Taking inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian styles, small accents in vivid hues such as oranges and red will be added to a neutral palette, giving an energetic edge to an otherwise calming space

Our work on the the evolution of the Scandinavian KuPP brand (currently shortlisted for 3 Casual Dining Awards) sits perfectly with these trends. The new materials palette featured in the latest Southampton site delivers a clean, streamlined look that’s softer and more approachable than a stereotypical Scandinavian style, we’ve mixed in more natural materials and developed a more feminine look and feel with a softer colour palette. The natural woven sisal bar front is an unusual choice of material, with a soft look that’s a perfect backdrop for a venue operating from early morning late into the evening.  We’re now set to adapt the successful formula of the site to new KuPP sites in 2018..

To add style and an opulent edge,  small elements can be picked out in bronze and copper.  This can feature in joinery detailing, furniture and light fittings.  Quality materials such as marble, granite, and even pebbles make a room look chic and can add natural notes to a simple interior.

Our clients love the idea of upcycling existing furniture – this boosts their sustainability credentials and potentially makes financial savings in a refurbishment,  but it’s vital that this is carried through with consideration for the overall interior palette.  In the year ahead, furniture styles will continue to be influenced by a retro minimalist aesthetic but certainly with less “edgy” factory-style theming.  Instead we’ll see more use of cork, quality wood and soft textiles which add warmth to an interior.

We predicted last year that planting would increasingly be incorporated into interior design. It’s been great to see this in the use of living walls, and with the use of plants as dividing screens inside and out – this is definitely a trend that will stick around into 2018 and beyond.

Many of our 2018 projects feature amazing outdoor spaces which include these key trends. There are some great covered and outdoor heating solutions on the market that ensure that as many covers as possible can be used all year round – ideal for when operational space is tight.  At the same time customers love being outside or the feeling of being outdoors and “in nature”.  We’ve really been pushing the boundaries of our client’s spaces and including outdoor bars and kitchens, beautiful pergolas, firepits, and booth seating resulting in some great destination spaces.