Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Mirrors are an essential element to any design scheme. Incorporating them is a quick way to dramatically change the atmosphere of a space; whether it’s to bounce light around gloomy spaces, to create the illusion of a larger space, or to simply add a touch of elegance.

A tall mirror can create a great illusion of height and the correct placement can reflect attractive views such as artwork from adjacent walls. Smoke, bronze and tinted mirrors can add subtle hues to contrast with furniture and colour schemes, adding a hint of luxury to the interior.

The current mirror trends explore the use of different shapes, particularly to create a focal point by adding lots of character and interest for an ‘off the wall’ approach. Another growing trend is to mix in photo frames and clocks for an eclectic collage effect. Ensure a common theme is chosen such as matching metallic frames for a subtle statement.

Take a look at how we’ve added depth to spaces by incorporating various mirrors into some of our projects above. At The Queen’s Head pub, one of our recent projects, we incorporated an antiqued mirror to the rear of display shelves which gave an added depth to a small space. At The Wheatsheaf we created a quirky collage of mismatch mirrors as part of our “Secret Garden” theme to create an external eclectic focal point.