jones architecture + design brings scandinavian design to casual dining destination

Press Release 

Hospitality design specialist Abi Perry-Jones of Jones architecture + design has unveiled her Scandinavian-inspired design at the launch of a new casual dining destination KuPP at Southampton’s Westquay centre.

Jones architecture + design was selected as designers for the third site for fast-growing brand KuPP, following successful openings in London and Exeter.  The KuPP vision brings together the best of Scandinavian design and cuisine for the UK market, delivering a casual all-day style of dining, grazing, drinking and socialising.

The feel of KuPP Southampton is a world away from the stark, minimalist and austere image that is often associated with Nordic design – the inspiration came instead from a more hospitable starting point, and the now well-understood concept of hygge.  KuPP Southampton has a warm, cosy and welcoming atmosphere, with Scandinavian cabins as an influence – inviting, relaxing spaces designed for quality downtime with friends and family.

Abi Perry-Jones, Creative Director of Jones AD, said “From our first meeting with the KuPP team, their vision for the brand was clear, and their enthusiasm was infectious.  As this is the third KuPP location, we incorporated some features from the existing sites to retain the brand personality, but ensured that we added new elements to give this site its own identity and deliver a beautiful but practical space for this specific location and demographic.”

KuPP’s central concept is built around its offering of Food, Drink, Coffee and Store – although customers can eat and drink anywhere in the 484m2 200-cover space, Jones AD’s design showcases distinct zones which are loosely demarked by considered changes in flooring, ceiling rafts and lighting.  The spaces flow from an open kitchen and display of artisan breads and pastries, to a bar area, and a relaxed lounge towards the front which becomes more bar-like as the evening begins.

The ‘Fika’ area is a well-established signature of the KuPP brand and reflects the Swedish tradition of taking time to stop with friends for great coffee, cakes and chat.  The retail element offers a carefully-curated range of Scandinavian-sourced foodie treats and design-led homewares.  Each of these areas has its own well-considered details, from USB sockets beside seats (relax, eat, drink and work – and charge your phone!), to the inset chillers in the high bar tables.

The design has retained the shell’s concrete finish in some areas, and features an open ceiling with services exposed.  Abi explains “It was important to get the balance right and ensure that these more industrial elements were not overbearing.  We featured lots of fabrics and warm, natural materials including screens from silver birch tree trunks and mixed in copper highlights to soften the look. We drew inspiration from the Scandinavian exhibition at the London Fashion and Textile Museum, and created a bespoke fabric for KuPP which is used for upholstery and loose cushions throughout the site.”

With commercial requirements foremost in mind, the design also considered how to maximise evening drinks trade.  Abi explains,“Lighting was a key element of the overall design, with a careful mix of statement decorative fittings and concealed LED strips used to light bottles in the back bar.  Combined with the KuPP logo in neon, this really gives the interior an inviting glow.”

Jones architecture & design is now set to work with KuPP on the rollout of a new location in the coming months.