Social Distancing For Hospitality.

As the potential realities of what we all hope will be a short term phase post lockdown sink in, there has been much conversation and speculation over how social distancing guidelines can be implemented in hospitality venues. The potentially imminent challenges in attracting and safely hosting customers post lockdown and to win their confidence are key. Required dimensions for social distancing and the potential use of screens are hot topics alongside the effects on revenue and atmosphere.

We’re told that being outside is safer than indoors. Operators can make more of every bit of space to help the business case stack up (garden, car park, compound). There are great opportunities for external spaces to be incorporated and if designed well, become destinations in their own right.

Potentially bookable external covered seating zones for small groups will be a good solution. These can include pods, pergolas, booths, or screens and can include heating/ lighting/ music/ planting/ have a personalised TV screen with direct comms. to the bar for orders.

We’ve put together a mood board as a starting point for some inspiration. To formulate some safe seating zones to make the most of underused existing spaces needs careful planning. In order for this to be successful they need to offer a really well designed drinking/ dining EXPERIENCE creative enough to tempt customers back to into venues.

Great to get the creative juices flowing! We are looking forward to developing this further.