Motorparks, Warrington

Motorparks, Warrington

Motorparks, Warrington

Transformational design: an innovative new look for a flagship car dealership

Our We’re excited to share the results of our latest project – a refurbishment of the Motorparks Warrington car dealership, the first of the group’s locations to be rebranded and redesigned as part of a wider project of transformation.

Bringing a buzz: creating a unique space for business

The new Motorparks brand delivers something unique for the automotive trade – driven by a desire to emulate the best of the retail experience, the interior is a comfortable, relaxed and informative setting, where customers are encouraged to browse vehicle options in a fun, innovative environment.

There are no cars inside at all, with a comprehensive range of pre-owned vehicles located externally, while the interior includes stylish lounge seating, café area and coffee tables in addition to more traditional desks and sound-proofed booths.

Care has been taken to create a store that works from a business perspective while considering customers’ needs and comfort – it’s an appealing, contemporary space softened by planters with living greenery, rugs and shelving to signal different zones and functions.

We made a conscious design decision not to use the grey, silver and white palette often seen in modern car dealerships, and instead sought out warmer grey-green tones and natural finishes. The lighting is warm with hints of yellow, rather than the cool white most often used – the fact that the showroom is ‘productless’ makes this possible.

Keeping it green: designing a carbon neutral space

Sustainability is a core element of the Motorparks brand, with carbon offsetting for all car sales and a goal of making all stores carbon neutral. All design specifications were made with high recycled content, with items made in the UK where possible and always reflecting brand credentials. We also opted to reuse wherever possible rather than source new materials, with innovative thinking required to make this work.

The existing ceiling grid was retained and new tiles were installed from a manufacturer who will recycle the old material to make new products. Office areas have a wood strand ceiling finish which looks great and also offers excellent acoustic and environmental benefits.

Ironmongery was sourced from another innovative supplier, d-line using their ‘Re-handle® scheme – the industry’s first circular system. Original products will be collected and replaced with new, with the old handles refinished and restored to be used elsewhere, saving up to 90% of the CO2 emissions compared to specification of standard new products.

Design delivers an enhanced customer experience

Recognising that lighting and sound are important elements of the customer experience in store, this was a crucial element of the new design. Conscious of the acoustics in the space, slatted screens were installed to zone offices and areas for private conversations and to soften the way sound travels.

The living wall is surrounded by a concrete effect finish, which conceals an irrigation system – the sounds of water filtering through creates a calming effect to relax both customers and Motorparks staff.

Aware that a car purchase can sometimes be daunting, consideration was given to other ways to enhance the experience in addition to the aesthetic appeal of the new space. A scented diffuser and surround sound system have been included to elevate the senses and put customers at ease as soon as they enter the store.

The car handover bays are decorated in a striking dark palette, complete with LED halo lighting to build a feeling of excitement and anticipation as customers take ownership of their new car. Further decorative light fittings made from recycled cardboard, again sustainably sourced.

Wayne said:

It’s fantastic to see the new Motorparks store in use and looking great. This was a significant project for us, with the team on site for 9 weeks following almost a year of working with the client on full concept design, detailed and technical design and specification. We’ve already started the rollout of this concept to other sites and are looking forward to working with Motorparks as the rebrand continues.

Jason Button, Managing Director, Cambria Property Investments Ltd said:

We’re delighted with the end result and the feedback has been excellent – from first impressions outside to the more relaxed, retail feel of the interior, it’s really enhanced the guest experience and is a great way to launch our rebrand. Wayne and the team really understood what we were trying to achieve and helped refine the concept to deliver a striking space that looks great, works perfectly and meets our aims of becoming a carbon neutral business.”