About the Project

KuPP, Southampton is a 2018 Casual Dining Restaurant and Pub Award Winner

The feel of KuPP Southampton is a world away from the stark, minimalist image that is often associated with Nordic design – our inspiration for the the 484 sqm, 200-cover space came instead from a more hospitable starting point, and the now well-understood concept of hygge

The KuPP concept of Food, Drink, Coffee, Store required distinct zones which our design loosely demarked by considered changes in flooring, ceiling rafts and lighting. We featured lots of fabrics and warm, natural materials including screens from silver birch tree trunks and mixed in copper highlights to soften the look. We drew inspiration from the Scandinavian exhibition at the London Fashion and Textile Museum, and created a bespoke fabric for KuPP which is used for upholstery and loose cushions throughout the site.

As our design has retained the shell’s concrete finish and exposed services in some areas, it was important to get the balance right and ensure that these more industrial elements were not overbearing. Lighting was a key element of the overall design, with a careful mix of statement decorative fittings and concealed LED strips used to light bottles in the back bar design.  Combined with the KuPP logo in neon, this really gives the interior an inviting glow.

Jones AD is now set to work with KuPP on the rollout of further KuPP sites in the coming months.

See our press release here.

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