We’ve entered 2016 fresh with some great design inspirations influenced by recent design exhibitions, the fashion industry and our aspirations to be as “green” as possible. Our key design predictions for 2016 are;

1. Ornamentation

We’ve recently seen an insurgence of nostalgia in the design industry, think traditional geometric and floral prints and mid century furniture paired with contemporary ornaments for an ultra fresh combo. What was old will be new again!

2. Metals

Moving on from the typical industrial copper look, we predict zinc and blackened steel are going to take over as our favourite metals. Consider using elegant zinc bar tops and simple blackened steel staircases mixed in with matte greys and soft pastel accents.

3. Biophilic design

Our well-being is established through continued engagement with the natural environment, hence why more and more designers are incorporating organic glamour into their schemes. We foresee living walls and a combination of natural materials will be a strong trend in 2016.